Turnkey Service - our principle and the key to your success

TLK SOYUZ (TLC «Union») transports goods from Europe, USA and Asia to Russia by road, air and sea transport. We have 16 years experience in transport and customs logistics.

TLK «Union» organizes a full spectrum of services for foreign clients:
Conclusion of contract for the supply of goods with the client
Conclusion of a contract for the purchase of goods from the supplier
Purchase of goods from the supplier
Transportation to the customs of destination in the Russian Federation
Certification of the product
Customs clearance (payment of all due customs payments);
Delivery to the client’s warehouse;
Transfer to the client of a complete set of sale and purchase documents.
Customs clearance under client’s name

Road Haulage
Transportation in Russia of industrial equipment, construction equipment, general cargo, electronics, delivery of foodstuffs, transportation of constructive materials and raw stuff
Delivery of cargo requiring temperature mode via refrigerators
Transportation of dangerous cargo through Russia
Transportation of consolidated cargo around Russia via distribution from the warehouses in Moscow
Delivery of high value cargo requiring special security and insurance conditions
Transportation of over sized and heavy cargo
Transportation of high-tech and vulnerable cargo that requires the special technology of bracing and control of the cargo position during the transportation
Truck container transportation

Ocean Freight
Consultations with the customer on the international carriage of goods by sea: the possibilities of departure, delivery schemes, the choice of containers for sea freight transport
Preliminary calculation
Fast data processing to determine the cost of the company's services
Assistance in the preparation of documentation: the purchase of goods, certification, customs clearance with the participation of qualified customs brokers, insurance, legal support
Control of loading to ensure the safety of the goods
Development of delivery schemes, organization of the route, taking into account the wishes of the customer, as well as the company's capabilities associated with the network of branches of warehouses, offices, transshipment points
Direct shipping by sea from any country in the world in compliance with all rules and regulations
Accompaniments, security, information about the location, delivery to the warehouse of the customer
Project logistics -  a comprehensive service, which includes detailed planning of the shipping schedule, loading schemes, transportation requirements, documentation, including customs, and the organization of the delivery itself

Representative in Germany: WASP GmbH, Joanna Spitkovskaya
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