OSA Multipurpose Nonlethal Weapon System

The OSA multipurpose nonlethal weapon system is a compact nonlethal handgun well suited to the requirements of law enforcement, security, and self-defense which is capable of reliably stopping the assailant with minimal risk of fatal damage. OSA multipurpose nonlethal weapons may also be used by civilians holding a weapons license.

The system consists of the gun (four barrel, laser target pointer, electronic ignition capsule) or pyrotechnical unit and various types of ammunition and pyrotechnical cartridges, including rubber bullets, flashbang, flashlight flare and a light signal.

Please watch this short film to learn more.

OSA multipurpose nonlethal handguns have been used by the Russian police and special forces for more than 10 years as a second nonlethal gun, and have been shown to be an effective and powerful  tool.

OSA nonlethal pistols and pyrotechnical units can be also used as a flare launcher or flashbang gun. The OSA Signal Pistol with flashlight flare is ideal for use as a distress signal on boats.

18.5x55 mm OSA PB-4-2 four-barrel pistol 
Ammunition: rubber bullets • flashbang
Pyrotechnical cartridges: signal • illuminationpepper spray (only to be used against animals!)

18x45 mm OSA PB-4-1 four-barrel signal pistol     
Ammunition: flashbang
Pyrotechnical cartridges: signal • illumination • pepper spray
(only to be used against animals!)

18x45 mm OSA-Egida two-barrel pyrotechnical unit
Pyrotechnical cartridges: signal • illumination • pepper spray (only to be used against animals!) 

A weapons license (Erwerbserlaubnis) is required to buy OSA PB-4-1 and OSA PB-4-2 pistols and ammunition as well as the OSA-Egida pyrotechnical unit and pyrotechnical cartridges in Germany.

See Cartridge scheme

All OSA pistols use a unique “intellectual” electronic action that greatly contributes to the reliability of the system. When the trigger is pressed, a special chip tests all loaded ammunition and sends the ignition electric impulse to the primer of the first cartridge, which is ready to fire. This test takes less than two milliseconds.

All OSA pistols have DAO type action: the pistol can be fired only when the trigger is pressed.
OSA pistols can be fitted with integral laser sight, which provides excellent speed and accuracy even in poor light. The laser sight is powered by a powerful lithium battery. The electronic action is powered by a special compact electromagnetic generator.

A selection of holsters is available for the OSA pistol

holster longy

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