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Fairytale sparklers from Russia are available in Germany exclusively through Wasp


Sparklers "Bengal Candle 160"
Length: 160 mm
Burning time: 45 seconds
6 sparklers per packet 
Weight (net/gross): 25/30 g


Sparklers "Bengal Candle 200"
Length: 200 mm
Burning time: 1 minute
6 sparklers per packet
Weight: (net/gross): 30/35 g


Sparklers "Bengal Candle 400"
Length: 400 mm
Burning time: 2-3 minutes
3 sparklers per packet
Weight (net/gross): 235/250 g





Sparklers "Bengal Candle 600"
Length: 600 mm
Burning time: 3-5 minutes
3 sparklers per packet
Weight (net/gross): 320/340 g