OSA PB-4-1 Signal Pistol

OSA Egida 4

Caliber: 18 x 45
Length: 114 mm
Height: 120 mm
Width: 39 mm
Weight (unloaded): 0.34 kg
Capacity: 4 cartridges
Ammunition: flashbang
Pyrotechnical cartridges: signal, illumination, pepper gel (only to be used against animals!)

Ideal for use as flashlight flare and signal flare launcher

The OSA PB-4-1 is the perfect distress signal for boat owners

Emergency signal flares are either required or recommended safety equipment on boats in most countries of the world. The OSA Signal Pistol is reasonably priced and very reliable, functioning even after being dropped in water - ideal for boat owners.

You need a weapons license (Erwerbserlaubnis) to purchase the OSA PB-4-1 in Germany.


Ammunition / Pyrotechnical cartridges


Flare color: red, yellow, green
Altitude: 120 - 140 m
Duration of flare: 4 - 6 seconds
Flare visibility: 2 km in daytime; 5 km at night

blueline110 3

Altitude: 70 - 85 m
Duration: 4 seconds
Flare light force: 100 000 candela
BAM certificaten

Pepper gel

Only to be used against animals!
Range: 5 m
Volume: 4.5 ccm
Diameter of the mark when shot from a distance of 5 meters: 50 cm




Flashbang (stun)
blueline110 3

Stopping power is achieved by an extremely loud shot report and blinding muzzle blast
Light force: 5 000 000 candela
Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m downrange: 145 dB
Effective range: 1 - 3 m
BAM certificate


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